Lady Gaga Turns Godmother

Lady Gaga has agreed to be the doting godmother to Elton John’s son Zachary. She is having a new wing built in her home in the Greek island of Crete for Elton and Davis Furnish’s son Zachary. Lady Gaga was chosen as the godmother since she is a strong supporter of gay rights and is also an active supporter of HIV and AIDS campaign.

The ‘Born This Way’ star is providing Zachary with a nursery which will include a big bedroom, playroom and bathroom. This room will be facing the Cretan Sea. John and Furnish are in high praise of Lady Gaga, they couldn’t have been happier. Lady Gaga has already ordered and bought special wallpaper and a huge boy bed for the toddler since the place will take months to finish.

Elton, the super star was all praise about the singer. In an interview, Elton was heard gushing, “Gaga was great!” Elton was very happy with the way Gaga had bathed his son and sang to him, spending two hours with him. Sir Elton John was highly impressed with Lady Gaga’s campaign work and added, “Gaga is tolerant and has a big heart. She believes in the fact that one can be what one chooses to be. This is a beautiful message that she sends out to the world, the freedom to be who you want to be and love the person you want to.”