Lady Gaga sports sky-high heels

Recently she has been targeted by PETA for wearing animal fur while she was in Belgium. And earlier today as Lady Gaga walked out of the Hotel Skt. Petri, it appeared that she really does not care what the animal rights group has to speak regarding the flamboyant ensembles.

The twenty six year old singer was spotted while making a grand exit from her hotel in the midst of her screaming rooters in the Denmark capital Copenhagen. But sadly none were as loud that could be compared with the 2 foot high feather and the cleavage revealing animal print mini attire that she donned.

Her elaborate hat that was lined with 2 rows of pheasant and black feathers, along with her Victorian styled shoes gave the 5 foot 1 inch tall singer the appearance of being 7 foot tall.

Days back, PETA went on to criticize the Born this way singer as she was wearing a Louis Vuitton fur coat and described her and Rihanna as 'desperate to be freaks' and 'out of touch' in Huffington Post. In response, Lady Gaga told on her website that she does not support abusive, violent or childish campaigns for any cause. She added that she chose not to say on whether the furs she bought were real or faux fur-pile because she would not think that it is hypercritical not to acknowledge the alligator, lamb, leather, cow hide, ostrich and python. She had already worn meat.

Last night, she indulged in getting yet another tattoo – now, it is a black small anchor – impressed on her rib cage’s left side. The Poker face singer tweeted: 'Thanks Hank and @amstattoomuseum for my New Ink!! we miss you already, see you at the ball!'