Lady Gaga set to confront court battle

Lady Gaga, the US pop singer, could be going to court soon as a judge ruled in grace of a lawsuit filed by the former personal assistant of the singer as she claims that the pop star has failed to make payment some of her overtime pays stemming back to 2009.

Jennifer O'Neill was employed by the 'Applause' star as her personal assistant for a short period in the year 2009 and again for almost a year in February 2010, during that time Jennifer claims she worked overtime but still she has not been received her extra payment for her work.

According to a leading news channel, the lawsuit says that Jennifer O'Neill was needed by Lady Gaga to be available twenty four hours in a day, 7 days a week. The former assistant also alleges that she was handed a basic amount of US $ 50000 (£ 32000) a year -the time Jennifer was hired for the very first time in the year 2009; but later it was increased to US $ 75000 (£ 48000) the 2nd time when she was employed by the pop star in the year 2010.

According to reports, the lawsuit says that Jennifer O'Neill is suing twenty seven year Lady Gaga for 7000 in unpaid hours. Paul Gardephe, a District Judge, unveiled a written decision in the suit in which the judge is said to have arrayed with Jennifer O'Neill and said that she and Lady Gaga often slept in same bed as the personal assistant was not handed her own hotel room and she required to be on hand to incline to the singer's askings throughout the night.