Lady Gaga Launches a New Drink

Here is interesting news for all Gaga fans. Lady Gaga, the Queen of Pop and her manager Troy Carter and Terry Richardson have come together to launch ‘Pop Water’, a brand new drink which is going to be a healthy addition compared to the rest of the sugary beverages which are currently available.

Troy revealed that this sudden decision was made because they felt that they wanted to build something which could be related to music and pop culture.

The people of New York inclining for more healthier and nutritious food an alternative to all the junk foods which led the trio to invent something healthy. They were moved by what they saw happen with Subway and how they have taken over McDonalds. It is a lot bigger movement than what was dreamed of. This motivated the trio to come up with a health drink. They did their research and Lady Gaga will endorse the ad campaigns while Terry will play the brand’s creative head.

The drink will have 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar that will go with varied flavours like orange, pineapple, grape and apple. This will be launched first in California before spreading out to different regions.