Lady Gaga’s Peruvian ticket sales are low

The official ticket sales figure for Lady Gaga’s much talked about concert in Peru have been unveiled. The Peruvian Association of Authors and Composers revealed that The Fame singer had sold just 17,000 tickets for the show that will be held in a place accommodating 52, 000 people.

The bad part about it is that some of the tickets are sold at a discounted rate but still the number is quite low compared to what it was actually expected by the organizers. The total number is quite low of what Lady Gaga tweeted last week claiming that she is excited to perform in front of 50, 000 people. It is also been said that her tweet was an absolute lie. May be she has not realized it or maybe she was trying to damage public relation. The whole matter was disappointing.

Lady Gaga’s previous tour was actually a flop. Though she has done well in Europe and some of her shows were shifted from large stadiums to smaller halls because of low ticket sales. We are informed that the Mother Monster has already sold 70 percent of her concert’s tickets in the United States. Ticket sales of her concert is not that good as that of Taylor Swift but it has to be admitted that the Mother Monster is doing quite well at the box-office.

It can be expected that the Mother Monster will earn hell lot of money from this concert and she will continue to make her fans happy.