Gaga sports feathered look

In recent times, Lady Gaga has been carrying a seaside theme. But she is not the kind of person who would stay with the same style for a long time. On Wednesday, the singer came out in a love dress in London. After coming out for fish 'n' chips earlier on Tuesday in a bra and seashells on her hair, the twenty seven year old singer sported another similar hairdo.

Certainly, she looked ready in her cream heels and grey skirt suit that she teamed up with a black colored handbag. The lady from New York teamed her lovely dress with a feathered hat rested on one side of her head. Her long wig was covered in starfishes and shells.

Earlier that day, Lady Gaga stated that she had been quite busy rehearsing for her forthcoming iTunes Festival event at the Roundhouse in North London. She also tweeted to her fans, which she calls little monsters. She told: 'I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish.’

In another tweet, she told, 'I would also suggestion 4. Paint colored dreadlocks for securing 'under the sea' Boticelli-Punk accessories. More fashion updates to come! X.'

To cheer her little monsters, she uploaded a short video of Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid looking worried before swimming away. She tweeted: 'Rehearsing my routines! I really need to get my mic + cassette player duo back from my mom, that thing was the best. #neverfailedm.'